Beer Kits

Whether it’s our premium ReadyBrew 23L all-grain kits, our Barons beer kits or traditional canned malts we have a wide selection of styles for the beer maker to choose from.

We also stock all of the supplies you’ll need including equipment, cleaners, sanitizers, bottles, caps, dextrose, cappers, etc.


ReadyBrew by the Paddock Wood Brewing Co.

Every ReadyBrew kit is a full 23L of fresh un-fermented, all-grain beer. Not concentrated, not condensed, not from malt extract- but professionally custom made and ready for yeast pitching. Produced exclusively for Wine Sense by the award-winning Paddock Wood Brewing Co.

Traditional Canned Kits

Coopers Beer Kits from Australia.

Craft Series Cider Kits

Easy to make Cider kits that are ready to bottle in 10 -14 days with no Carboy required!

Wyeast Liquid Yeast

The easiest way to improve your beer. Pure strain liquid yeasts enhance the character of any beer you make- giving you truer style and a cleaner finish. Simply 'smack the pack' and use it in place of the dry yeast your beer comes with.


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