Corks and Caps

All the closures you need for your wine and beer bottling needs.

The corks we sell do not require sanitizing- simply insert them dry using a good quality corker.


Nomacorc #9 Corks

The best cork you can buy. Nomacorc is synthetic which means long term storage and zero failure rate. Very popular with commercial wineries. Available bags of 30 and 120.

$31.99 for 120

DCK #9 Long Corks

This reliable cork is good for storage up to 2 years. Available in bags of 30 and 120.


DCK #9 Short Corks

This reliable cork is good for storage up to 1 year. Available in bags of 30 and 120.


Wine Sense Bottle Stoppers

The Wine Sense Bottle Stopper is the best way to seal a bottle of wine when you just can't finish it. The low profile means you can stand your wine in the fridge or you can store them on their sides.


Wine Sense Vacuum Stopper

When you just can finish a bottle (apparently that happens) the Wine Sense Vacuum Sealer sucks out excess oxygen and seals the bottle so it stays fresher longer.


PET Caps

For use with PET Beer Bottles. Simply twist on by hand. Available in bags of 12 and 100.


Crown Caps

For use with twist-off and non twist-off beer bottles. A Capper is required to apply these caps. Available in bags of 100, 200 and 600.


38ml Poly Seal Caps

For use on Gallon Jugs. Good for about 6 months storage. Twist on by hand.



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