Fermentation Accessories

Here’s a selection of tools that are needed to make your wine and beer. We  also stock some tools that will make your wine and beer making easier and your finished product even better!


The Wine Whip

A must have for the winemaker- The Wine Whip takes the work out of degassing your wine. Degassing with a spoon takes an immense amount of effort. With The Wine Whip you simply insert it into your household drill and 3 minutes later your wine is degassed. A properly degassed wine will clear more quickly and you don't have to worry about residual CO2 taste in your wine.


Brew Belt

The Brew Belt wraps around your fermenters to keep your fermentation temperature constant. This means faster fermentation and easier degassing and clearing. Perfect for those who have 'set-back' thermostats. Pail not included.


Bag De-Capper Tool

Have trouble taking the yellow cap off the juice bag? The Bag De-Capper Tool makes it easy. It also helps with putting Shrink Tops on your bottles!


Carboy Handle

Make carrying your carboys easy with a Carboy Handle. It bolts around the neck of your carboy to give you a firm grip on it for carrying and cleaning.


Long Handleld Spoon

This long handled spoon is perfect for reaching the bottom of Primaries and Carboys. It has a small spoon on the opposite end to fit into your carboy for degassing- but let's face it- It's way easier to degas with The Wine Whip ; ) The Spoon is also heat resistant for boiling malt for craft beer makers.



Airlocks allow the CO2 gas produced during fermentation to escape while preventing oxygen from entering. Our 3 Piece airlock comes apart and is easy to clean.


Rubber Bungs

Used to hold your Airlock in place in Primaries and Carboys and for sealing fermenters. Use #6.5 Bungs for glass Carboys and #10 Bungs for Plastic Carboys.



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