Filtering is the final step to making the best wine possible. Although today’s modern wine kits do an excellent job of clearing on their own making filtering optional- filtering does put a final commercial polish on your wine. The other benefit of filtering is it pulls out solids that normally need ageing to soften them. As a result, filtering speeds up the evolution of your wine. Remember- filtering only polishes a clear wine- filtering can not clear a cloudy wine.

Wine Sense stocks a complete line of replacement parts and we are Authorized Service Centres for Buon Vino Filters.


Buon Vino Mini Jet Filter

The Buon Vino Minijet Filter is the industry leader and will filter 23L of wine in 10-15 minutes. The unit comes with all the necessary fittings and hoses.


Buon Vino #2 Filter Pads

The standard pad for filtering wine kits.


The Buon Vino #2 Filter Pad 6 Pack

The most economical way to buy #2 Filter Pads.


Buon Vino #1 Filter Pads

#1 Pads are for an initial filtering of juice wines.


Buon Vino #3 Filter Pads

For sterile filtering but not necessary for wine kits.


AF Filter Pads

The traditional round filter pads used in plate system filters. AF-2 Pads are used for red wines while AF-3 Pads are used for whites.


Buon Vino Replacement Hose Set

Hoses are the hardest thing for the winemaker to clean. If your hoses look cloudy or have watermarks it's time to replace them.


Buon Vino Handle

Replacement Handle for tightening the filtering plates.


Buon Vino Port Fitting

Attaches the hoses to the Mini Jet Unit.


Buon Vino Sediment Tip

Replacement tip for preventing sediment from being picked up into the filter which can plug filter pads.


Buon Vino Hose Clamp

For securing the hoses to the Port Fitting.


Buon Vino Foot

Replacement foot for the Mini Jet Filter.


Buon Vino Gear Set

Replacement Gears for the Mini Jet Filter.



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