Syphoning is a very important part of wine and beer making as it’s the method used for transferring our favourite beverages from pail to carboy to bottle. We have a great selection of tools to make syphoning easier.

Remember when syphoning- make sure the bottom of the full container is higher than the top of the container you’re filling!


Syphon Combo

Our standard syphon combo includes a rigid j-rod, flexible tubing, hose clamp, and anti-sediment tip.


The Auto Syphon

Automatically starts the flow of your syphon. Simply replace the rigid rod of your standard syphon combo with the Auto Syphon and with a couple of pumps the wine or beer starts flowing. No more having to start your syphon using your mouth.


Syphon Clip

This handy little tool clips your standard syphon combo to the side of your primary or carboy to prevent knocking sediment while filtering.


Pro Filler

The Pro Filler is faster than any other filler on the market- has an adaptor for easy attaching to your syphon tubing and will work with flat bottom or punted bottles. If you don't have a bottle filler- get one. Life is just easier with one : )


J Rod

24 inches long the J Rod is the rigid part of the syphon that goes into your full container. Let's face it though- if you have to replace your J Rod you may as well get an Auto Syphon : )


Syphon Tubing

Cloudy syphon tubing means it's time to replace it. We sell it by the foot.


Syphon Hose Clamp

Used to stop the flow while syphoning. If you're using a Hose Clamp for bottling- you need to get a Pro Filler!


Anti-Sediment Tip

The Racking Tube Tip is used to prevent sediment from being picked up during syphoning.



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