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August 2010


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Just Peachy!

August 24, 2010

BlaineI have never been a fan of Ice Wines or wines with sweetness levels above 1. However, when I tried the Selection Speciale Okanakgan Peach Ice Wine from a few years ago, it was love at first taste.


If you like peaches you will love Okanagan Peach Icewine!

peach_icewine_eng_long_60I recently removed a carboy of the 2008 release of the Selection Speciale Peach Icewine  from my cellar which has been bulk aging for 2 years. I was shocked by its deep, amber, peach colour and even more delighted by its sensuous mouth feel and its lingering taste of peach pie. If you like peaches, peach desserts or peach pie, give this kit a try.

I’m very pleased that it has been released again this year (it was not available in 2009). This Gold Medal winning treat will not disappoint.


Blaine (Wine Sense- Southdale Square)

-Contact your favourite Wine Sense location to reserve your Selection Speciale Okanagan Peach Icewine.

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Gamay Nouveau- It's Big Deal!

August 18, 2010

BobBefore I started working with Wine Sense some 10 years ago, I had worked downtown for 25 years on Hargrave near the Liquor Store. One thing always puzzled me- Why were there huge line-ups at the Liquor Store each November?

One day I was at the liquor store and asked the clerk ‘What the big line-up was for?’ and the salesman told me it was the release day of the Beaujolais Nouveau. I nodded in agreement but really didn’t have a clue what he was talking about.

These lineups were over a hundred people strong each year and the TV stations always had TV crews there as it was released at 6 pm.

GamayNouveauArriveFolks, that was a big deal back then and it still is today! We’re very lucky to be able to create our own Beaujolais Nouveau with the Selection International French Gamay Nouveau.


Contact your favourite Wine Sense location and reserve yours before they’re all spoken for!



Bob, Manager (Wine Sense- Springfield Rd)

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Be Part of a New Tradition!

August 9, 2010

Craig1Like France’s Beaujolais Nouveau, Selection International French Gamay Nouveau is all about what wine is really meant to be: Wine, Celebration & Parties!


The Wine

Well of course it’s about the wine- that’s what wine is about. But in this case it’s a little different.

GamayNouveauArriveThe Selection International French Gamay Nouveau kit is our chance to make Beaujolais Nouveau. 100% of the grape that goes into Beaujolais wines are Gamay and the Gamay grapes in the Selection Gamay Nouveau are all sourced from Beaujolais!

‘Nouveau’ wines are not about great vintages, ’futures’ or ’nose in the air’ wine tastings. They’re about making a good wine and enjoying it right away. Gamay Nouveau is ready on the day you bottle it and is fresh and juicy, with a bold purple-pink colour and bursting with an amazing array of fruit aromas, its low tannin levels makes it extremely drinkable when young. They say it’s the only white wine that is actually red! Lightly chilled (13°C/55°F) it has happy red berry aromas along with hints of banana, pear, cotton-candy!

Sure- you’re use to hearing your Wine Sense staff talk about the benefits of ageing your wine… well in this case forget about it! Gamay Nouveau is all about instant gratification. Sure It will hold a year- but why bother… it’s just too good when it’s young. It’s the wine you’re not waiting for!


The Celebration!

arrive2Beaujolais Nouveau is a vin de l’année, which means it’s used to celebrate the harvest. As a result it needs to be ready young. And in fact it is- picked, fermented and bottled for drinking in only 8 weeks!

Selection Gamay Nouveau is exactly the same- ready to drink on bottling day, it’s the perfect wine to celebrate being a winemaker!


The Parties!

GamayPartyIt’s all about the party- Beaujolais Nouveau is now just as much about the events surrounding it as the wine itself. Now you can be a part of an annual tradition that is unrivalled in the world of wine.

This year France releases commercial Beaujolais Nouveau to the world on Thursday November 18th! Selection International French Gamay Nouveau arrives at Wine Sense in early September and will be ready to drink just in time for the Beaujolais Nouveau release.

Why not throw a party to celebrate the release and serve your own fresh and tasty Gamay Nouveau. Each kit will come with a Party Planning Package containing menu suggestions, tips, party planning check list, and contest details.

Have a Party and get $40 Back!

We’re so excited about making this an annual tradition for home winemakers that if you throw a Gamay Nouveau party you can get $40 back.

Winexpert will send you a $20 Gift Certificate (redeemable at Wine Sense) if you email them photos or videos or post them to the Gamay Nouveau Party Page on facebook.

If you email the same photos or videos to Wine Sense or post them to our facebook page we’ll give you a $20 Wine Sense Gift Card.

The best photo or video we receive will also win a wine kit of your choice!


Gamay Nouveau is a of course a limited release. So make sure you talk to your Wine Sense staff and reserve your Selection International French Gamay Nouveau and be part of a new tradition!

À votre santé

Craig, Wine Sense

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5 Ways to Enjoy Twisted Mist Mojito

August 6, 2010

TikiAs the Twisted Mist ‘Summer Fun Spokesman” I thought I would share a few of my favourite ways to add a ’twist’ of variety to your Twisted Mist Mojito:

1.) The good news is that Twisted Mist Mojito is great on its own straight from the fridge!

2.) Pour over ice cubes and garnish with fresh mint and/or a slice of lime for an impressive cocktail.

3.) Mix Twisted Mist Mojito with a little club soda and garish with fresh mint and/or a slice of lime for a great sparkling Mojito.


Mojito Smoothie!

4.) Frappe some ice cubes, fresh mint leaves and Twisted Mist Mojito in your blender for a unique Mojito Smoothie.

5.)Pour Twisted Mist Mojito into your blender on its own and froth it up. It makes a very attractive green, frothy beverage in you glass garnished with a mint leaf.


Tiki- Summer Fun Spokesman

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