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February 2011


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It's Cold Now, but…

February 17, 2011

BrianJamesThough the weather outside is once again getting frightful the organized winemaker is thinking ahead and getting ready for those great Manitoba summer days.



To start with- you’ll want to have plenty of Niagra Mist and Island Mist ready for the patio, by the pool or at the lake. Mit wines are perfect for hot whether as they’re great served on ice and perfect for afternoon sipping.

steak 2As well you’ll want to have some aged BBQ wines for those great steaks. We have a huge selection of wines that will be perfect for that first grilled steak of the summer including Limited Edition Italian Primitvo and Poruguese Douro Tinto.

No matter what your taste is, now’s the time to get your wine rack ready for Manitoba’s beautiful (and too short) summer. 


Brian, Manager (Wine Sense- Portage Ave)

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February 17, 2011

KarenI recently had an opportunity to try a bottle of Vintners Reserve Valpolicella. When I opened to bottle one of the first thing I noticed was the wonder bouquet coming from the bottle. From my research of Valpolicella I knew that it would be perfect with Pizza. I ordered from one of local pizza companies and began to decant my wine.

When my pizza arrived, I sat down with my husband to discuss what we saw in our glasses. I noticed a nice rich color and he noticed it was red: ) I then gave it good smell and picked up on the berries almost instantly. After a taste of the wine I also noticed a light hint of oak on my tongue but mostly it was all about the berries. My husband said it had a slight acidic taste so I decided at that time to run some wine through our Vinturi and what a difference. The wine melowed beautifully, and paired wonderfully with the pizza.


I would never had believed that something could have been matched so well with pizza if I had not tried it for myself. Valpolicella is mellow with a light to medium body- If you are thinking about switching from the fruity wine to a wine with a substantial well rounded taste Valpolicell is a perfect choice. It’s a definate do over for me and one I will it suggest to all of my customers.


Karen (Wine Sense-Brandon)

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A Concrete Idea

February 9, 2011

Brian KentWhile sorting through my photos of my trip to Ontario wine country, I was reminded of the experimental storage of bulk wine that Hillebrand winery employed. They created a large cement casks to store reisling wine in bulk. It was interesting to see two large cement wine casks sitting in the midst of its storage facility. One also contained patched cracks because cement, as we all know in Manitoba, cracks due to seasonal temperature differences.


Traditional oak in the background and innovative concrete in the foreground.

The belief was that the cement would impart minerals into the wine during its storage in the winery. Hillebrand’s counterpart winery Peller Estates has also tried this experiment and had bottled a Sauvignon Blanc. Upon tasting the Sauvignon Blanc it was very apparent that the mineral content enhanced the fruity and earthiness of this great white.

So if you venture somewhere in wine country, see if the wineries are doing their part to enhance the wine experience like these two wineries do.


Brian (Wine Sense- Portage Ave.)

NOTE* Wine Sense wines that would really display a natural mineral characteristic would be 2006’s Limited Edition Australian Verdelho and this year’s Limited Edition Austrian Gruner Veltliner.

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Spanish Rose is Coming Back!

February 3, 2011

BruceTo those of you who purchased the Spanish Rose two years ago and were devastated when you could not get it again last year, rejoice! Wine Sense has been fighting for you… Spanish Rose will be available this year in April!

 To those who have not tried it yet, you now have another chance!

spanish-rose-kitSelection International Spanish Rosé is made from a blend of red and white varietals including popular Spanish Tempranillo, this exceptional, refreshing, dry, light-medium bodied wine is a must have for summer.

 A perfect complement to your favourite summer dishes. Goes great with fish, poultry, pork, and other lighter meats and foods.












The Top 10 Reasons to Drink Spanish Rosé
1. You’re having fish and he’s having meat, but you’d like to share the wine
2. You want to get a leg up on all those wine-snobs out there
3. You’re feeling like red’s too heavy but white’s a bit light
4. The Grateful Dead used to drink a bottle before every concert
5. You’d like to enjoy a glass of wine with lunch
6. It’s cheaper than a trip to the French Riviera (rosé has been part of
the Mediterranean lifestyle for centuries)
7. Summer will have finally – FINALLY – arrived!
8. It’s perfect with ham (hot or cold) and other pork dishes
9. You feel like putting ice cubes in your wine.
10. You’re having a bridal shower, a summer picnic, a girls’ night out – or simply relaxing on the patio with a great book

Quantities will be limited, so contact your favorite Wine Sense store put your name on their Spanish Rose list.


Bruce, Manager (Wine Sense- Pembina Highway)

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