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A Sense of Wine is Wine Sense's journal of new products, techniques and behind the scenes info for those who love to make wine. The authors are the Wine Sense staff. You will be familiar with them as the friendly faces that serve you whenever you stop by one of the stores. Join us as we share our insights on new procucts, advice and our experiences. Please feel free to comment on any posts- we look forward to your input!

March 2011


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Spring Forward- Check Your Equipment

March 30, 2011

You know when they say that you should change the batteries in your fire alarms when we change our clocks each spring and fall, well I have another suggestion. It’s time to inspect some of your winemaking equipment. Example 1 would be that your Primary Pail is scratch free and stain free. Example 2 would be your Syphon Combo is nice and clear and the colour of clear plastic. 

My neighbour was concerned about his recent wines- I gave him some advice and left it at that. He recently knocked on my door to borrow my Syphon Combo as his was broken. He had his in his hand and the plastic tubing was about the colour of an orange and you could see red wine staining on it.

Wine residue on your equipment is not your friend!


I explained to him that his wine never had a chance- his dirty Syphon was contaminating his wine. Syphons are very difficult to clean- if yours looks dirty it may be time to replace it.


Bob, Manager (Wine Sense- Springfield Road)

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Summertime is the Season of Backyard Barbecues!

March 29, 2011

Barbeque season is around the corner and a modern, rustic wine is perfect with grilled steak! At our Wine Sense Limited Edition wine tastings this year we used Crasto Douro Red ($20) to represent our Limited Edition Douro Tinto. This wine is lovely. From an old Portuguese winery, combining the traditional winemaking with the modern skills of the winemaker.


Winexpert uses the same indigenous grapes, Touriga Nacional, Touriga Franca and Tinta Roriz to create the well structured, solid, yet fruit forward earthy combination, in their Limited Edition Portuguese Douro Tinto. This wine has a rich and vibrant palate with soft lingering tannins.

Regardless of how you like your steak, well seasoned and rare or well done (overcooked), the Douro Tinto is my selection, glass in hand when I fire up the grill. Try it with Chourico (Portuguese sausage) and red pepper pizza, amazing casual wine – and Douro Tinto is almost sold out, call your favourite Wine Sense location to reserve yours.


Victor, Manager (Wine Sense- McPhillips Street)

*Remember always put 6 bottles away for longterm storage.


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March 16, 2011

Welcome to the newly designed Wine Sense website and our blog- A Sense of Wine!

A Sense of Wine is now cleaner, has a simple to use comment section for our readers to share their opinions and the most recent posts will now appear on the home page of our web site- mywinesense.com

Mywinesense.com has had a complete redesign. The site is now cleaner and much easier for you to find and choose the wines you would like to make and every single wine that is on sale will now appear on the Specials page.

Each wine now has a description of the wine, it size and yield, the most recent medals the wine has won and a listing of primary food pairings. Most importantly the wines are listed by style or varietal so you can see all of the kits we have for each wine on one page. For example if you’re a Merlot fan all 10 of our Merlot kits are listed together.

There’s a lot of other great features as well so please take the time to browse. We’ll be making a few more tweeks and additions over the next few weeks so please share any ideas you would like us to consider as we finalize the site.

Your friends at Wine Sense

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Gruner is Great!

March 4, 2011

BobNow that the March Limited Austrian Gruner Veltliner has arrived I thought I would mention something I recently read in the NY Times Wine Section. The authour emphasized that Austrian wines are the wine world’s best kept secret. He also went on too say that Gruner Veltliner is a fantastic summer wine and an excellent food wine that is able to stand up and enhance a variety of dishes and cheese’s.


The wines are as beautiful as the vineyards!

This is what I like about the Ltd Ed wines. Not only are you making great wines from around the world- but also increasing your wine knowledge and no doubt that of your family and friends’ too.


Bob, Manager (Wine Sense- Springfield Road)

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