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A Sense of Wine is Wine Sense's journal of new products, techniques and behind the scenes info for those who love to make wine. The authors are the Wine Sense staff. You will be familiar with them as the friendly faces that serve you whenever you stop by one of the stores. Join us as we share our insights on new procucts, advice and our experiences. Please feel free to comment on any posts- we look forward to your input!

June 2011


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Wine is for Sharing

June 9, 2011

Is your wine cellar a little crowded?

How about hosting a wine tasting in your back yard? Get some fresh fruit, a variety of  cheeses, some French loaves and have a simple wine tasting. It’s a great way to make room in your cellar and also allow your friends to experience your expert wine making skills. Keep it relaxed and low key- this sort of wine tasting is less about the wines themselves but because you have wine to share : )

What better reason to have friends over than to share some wine?


Karen (Wine Sense – Brandon)

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Different Tastes for Different People…

June 7, 2011

I’ve found over the years that not everyone tastes the same things I taste in a good wine.

Last fall, I recommended the Selection International Gamay Nouveau wine kit to one of my customers. At Christmas time he informed me that he did not like the wine. I asked him to give it some time to age and try it again, as not everyone likes young wine (although Gamay Nouveau is designed for young drinking). He was doubtful but he said he would give it some time and try it again.

In June he came into the store and explained how he used half a bottle in the stew he was cooking. It was so good his guests drank another 2 bottles with supper. He is now claiming the Gamay Nouvouea wine is the best and when can he get another. All winter he has been forcing his kids to take wine home only if they took a bottle of the Gamay. He’s given some much away he has only 10 bottles to last him (hopefully) until Septemeber. 

If your not happy with your wine when it’s young… Wait it will get better.



Jim, Manager (Wine Sense- Southdale Square)

Note- Gamay Nouveau will be available again this September for a limited time.

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Rinse those Wine Bottles!

June 6, 2011

Emptying the bottles is the easy part!

Most people agree that washing bottles is not the most enjoyable part of wine making.

If you’re not doing it right can take a lot of work to clean the gunk from the bottom of the bottles.

Here’s a tip- rinse those bottles as you empty them. Preventing any residual wine from drying inside the bottle will eliminate any extended soaking or scrubbing when you’re ready to bottle your next batch of wine.

Rinsing now equals less work bottling day!


Bruce, Manager (Wine Sense- Pembina Hwy)

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Patience Rewarded!

June 3, 2011

Last night I opened a bottle Italian Sangiovese (Selection International) with a little bit of concern. It showed a dark, rich hue, wonderful aroma of cherry, and strawberry, so far, I was pleased. The taste took it over the top, smooth long finish with a hint of tannin and acidity.

My concern was its age for a kit wine- I had bottled it in September  2005! Fortunately I used a Nomacorc closure and stored it under good conditions so the wine was in great shape.

It was a most enjoyable evening, it pays to put a few bottles aside (with Nomacorcs) for long term enjoyment.


Victor, Manager (Wine Sense- McPhillips St.)

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