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November 2011


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Four Nights of Fun!

November 25, 2011

It’s hard to believe that it has been one week since our Limited Edition wine tastings. Three nights of presentations by Tim Vandergrift, followed by tasting the 5 commercial equivalent wines matching the Limited Editions, along with small food pairings again to match the wines. The fourth night of wine was the Limited Edition Winemakers Dinner at the Peasant Cookery!

For those of you who were wondering about the Winemakers Dinner it was a sit down meal with each of the wines and courses introduced and explained by Tim. We enjoyed the charcrouterie tray (in house made sausage and cure meats, wonderful Cassoullet with a main course of Stiploin and Peppercorn Sauce followed by fresh Peaches marinated in the Traminer Spatlese. Fourty people attended and had a wonderful time!

Thanks to all of the friends and family who volunteered their time to serve wine and food pairings to the hundreds of our valued customers. Remember that pre orders for the Limited Edition wines is December 5th. Also with demand so high this year our stores will only be receiving less than 10 extra kits per store of each Limited Edition style, so book your Limited Edition wine kits early and don’t be disappointed.

Go to http://www.facebook.com/WineSense to view photos of this year’s Wine Tastings.

Go to http://www.mywinesense.com/limited-edition/ for complete details on this year’s Limited Edition wines.


Bruce, Manager (Wine Sense- Pembina Hwy)

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People Listen to Me!

November 18, 2011

Do people listen to me? Well, I guess they do and I am very, very happy. 

What am I babbling about? Well, I’ll tell you…

Anyone who has been in my store knows that I am a huge fan of aging wines. I’m always preaching that if you think the wine tastes good now, wait until you taste it in 6 months. “Gasp, 6 months” is the common response, “it will never last that long.” I then encourage everyone to save two bottles, hide it, mis-label it, give to a friend who does not drink and lives 4 hours away. Try it when it is older and see how it improves. Then tell me what you think of the wine. Well, I have in the past few weeks had reports from “New Agers” and they’re very happy with the flavour and aromas of the aged wine. They have all noticed to quote one “ a huge improvement “ to their wines. 

What they have told me: 
“The wine is so smooth.” 
“The wine has more fruitiness than before.” 
“It seems more robust.” 

The most improvement in the bottles will be experience with the Selection series wine kits 15 and 16 litre Original, International, Estate, Limited Edition, and International with skins kits.

Now that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t enjoy your wine when it’s young- experiencing a wine’s evolution is part of the fun of making your own wine. Just make sure you keep a couple of bottles for that special treat!

Did you know that the cheapest wines you purchase at the wine store is at least 1 year old? Even the commercial bottlers know the value of aging. So, give aging a try. Also, do not forget to add the ¼ tsp of potassium metabisulphite and use a good quality cork like the Nomacorc.



Bruce, Manager (Wine Sense- Pembina Highway)

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It’s Wine Tasting Time!

November 9, 2011

It’s the time of year that the Wine Sense folks pour and enjoy wine with almost a thousand of our customers. It’s Limited Edition Wine Tasting Season! Many of you have joined us at our Wine Tastings as we’ve been holding them for about 10 years. We started with a single night in Winnipeg with about 30 people and have grown into 1 night in Brandon and 3 nights in Winnipeg with about 1000 people.

For those of you who have never attended one of our tastings they’re a great deal and a great time. We present and taste the 5 Limited Edition wines from this year’s harvest. Tim Vandergrift from Winexpert (many of you will recognise Tim from his regular articles for our newsletters) does a brief presentation on each wine which includes a little history, what to look for in the wine and what foods each wine will pair nicely with. You then get to sample the 5 wines along with a small food pairing with each. Don’t worry- if it takes a couple tastes to find your favourite wine you’re welcome to try again.

The tasting part is a great time- a few hundred winemakers tasting wine and talking with friends and other winemakers. Tim is also there to answer any specific questions you might have.

All this for only $30 per couple AND you get a $15 Limited Edition Gift Card the night of the tasting- there’s no better deal around!

Something New…

Many of our customers after so many years started asking for something new- something more in depth… so we’ve obliged. This year we’re holding a Winemakers Dinner. This is a sit down event featuring the 5 wines along with a 4 course dinner. Tim will introduce and describe each of the wines as they are served with their paired course. Held at the Peasant Cookery (a WOW Hospitality restaurant) each ticket is $99 which includes all taxes and gratuities and you get $15 Limited Edition Gift Card the night of the event. An amazing deal for a great night. Why did we choose the Peasant Cookery? Because it’s a WOW Hospitality Restaurant and they hosted our 20th Anniversary Winemakers Dinner- The food was amazing and that’s why many of the folks that attended out 20th Anniversary Dinner are attending this dinner as well!

Can you still get tickets?

There is a handful of tickets available for Wednesday November 16th in Brandon.

Tickets are available for Thursday in Winnipeg.

Friday in Winnipeg is sold out but we are taking names for a waiting list (we’re trying to get more space!)

There are 3 tickets available for Saturday’s Winemakers Dinner due to a cancellation.

So if you haven’t got your tickets yet- don’t delay and contact your favourite Wine Sense location and reserve your tickets… and we’ll see you next week and taste some great wine together!


Craig- Wine Sense

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The Skins Game

November 4, 2011

For those of us who enjoy a flavourful full bodied red wine the Selection International with Skins kits are a must try. There are 4 styles:



-Australian Petit Verdot

-Sicilean Nero D’Avola

-Spanish Tempranillo

-Chilean Malbec Shiraz

So, why try a skin kit?

· 16.4 litres of juice and concentrate and 1.6 litres of grapeskins—18 litres total 
· Six week winemaking schedule 
· Layered flavour and a complex profile 
· Bolder flavours and aromas 
· Country of origin designation 
· Drinkable at 3 months of age, with potential for cellaring

Also included in with the kit is a mesh bag put the grape skins in so there is very little mess and 30 peel and stick on/peel off dry Wine Bottle Labels.

So, treat yourself- They’re all great wines, featuring unique styles with Big, Big flavours!


Bruce, Manager (Wine Sense, Pembina Hwy)



Bruce’s Insider Tip- Our 25% off Your Second Selection Kit Sale starts on Monday- a great time to try one!

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