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March 2012


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The Importance of Reading Instructions.

March 30, 2012

The home winemaking industry is constantly changing. The kit manufacturers are acquiring better raw materials for improved flavour and aromas,better technologies and as a result changes to methodologies. The wine kit manufacturer will adjust their instructions to ensure you get the most out of your wine so it is very important that you read AND follow the instructions.

For example some kits are adding oak cubes that go into the secondary instead of the primary or sometimes there are two packs of yeast or other add packs that have to be added.

And of course different manufactures have instructions that they feel work best for their kits- so what you are use to doing may be different when you try a different wine kit. It doesn’t mean one set of instructions is better or worse than the other- just different because the winemaker for a certain manufacturer has their philosophies.

A lot of work goes into wine kit instructions- they’re clear concise and really do make things easier. Especially when compared to many of the ‘do it yourself’ instructions that you see today…











So whenever you start your wine kit- review the instructions for any changes and follow them to ensure you make the best wine possible : )


Bruce, Manager (Wine Sense- Pembina Hwy)


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Summer Weather at Springtime!

March 23, 2012

Wine alert- we are having what appears to be and early and warm spring. That means we will be drinking more wine during those warm evenings so, do you have enough wine? Check your cellar. Will you have enough to last the summer?

Shiraz, Cabernet and Merlot are just a few ‘all purpose’ reds that will work with the steaks etc done on the grill. Pinot Noir is great with Pork and heavy fish like Salmon. 

Chardonnay is a great all-purpose white wine that will do very well with grilled chicken.

Blush wines and Rosés are great with anything you like to cover with barbeque sauce. They’re great with the zippy tartness of the barbeque sauce.

And don’t forget any style of Niagara Mist and Island Mist– they’re always ‘perfect on the patio’ but also go well with a variety of summer meals from salads to burgers.

Finally, Twisted Mist and Bent Grape are coming back in April. These wine based cocktail kits offer a great alternative to wines. Niagara Mist will have two combo packs (make 15 bottles of two styles) including Pina Colada & Orange Twist and Strawberry Dream and Lemon Kiss. Twisted Mist’s combo pack is Lime Margarita and Hard Pink Lemonade. Each of these styles will be perfect for the summer heat.

So there you have it- Lots of options to choose from and each one will be perfect for summer. Time to get your carboys filled!



Bruce, Manager (Wine Sense Pembina Hwy)

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They’re Baaaack…

March 16, 2012

The warm weather is coming at us faster than ever! Which means it’s the perfect time to start making your Mist wines so you’re ready when the hot days are here.

Mist Wines feature varietal wines blended with complimentary fruit flavours. They’re lighter in alcohol, perfect in a glass full of ice and crisp and refreshing. They’re perfect for the Patio!

And now ‘back by popular demand’ we have the Niagara Mist Strawberry Lychee Traminer and the Raspberry Dragon Fruit White Shiraz. These unique styles were released a couple of years ago and sold out fast! Fortunately, this time they will be permanent features in the Niagara Mist line up and best of all… all 16 styles of Niagara Mist are on Sale until March 31st, 2012!


Bruce, Manager (Wine Sense- Pembina Hwy)


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It’s Go Time!

March 6, 2012

Well folks, it’s march now and patio and cottage season is coming fast. And just as Izzy Mandlebaum tell’s Jerry Seinfeld… “It’s Go Time”! That means to it’s time to start ramping up production. There’s lot’s of options to fill your wine racks with- Table wines, Mist wines, Margaritas etc so don’t leave it until the last minute before you get your summer production rolling.

Maybe the best thing to do is to increase your production capacity. This can be done very easily by adding a few pieces of equip. If you are currently only making one wine at at time, all you need to get 2 going at one time is another pail and carboy. And ‘voila’ you’re producing 60 bottles instead of 30.

If need be you could get by with just as second carboy. You just have to stagger your production. Start one kit in the primary and transfer to a carboy then start the second kit. Just let the first kit wait another week in the carboy (assuring the wine and airlock is topped up) until second is ready to bottle. It really doesn’t take that much more time to bottle 2 kits over one… and the good news is you’re getting 60 bottles instead of 30!


Bob, Manager (Wine Sense- Brandon)

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