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May 2012


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Count Your Corks!

May 25, 2012

It’s bottling day!

Your wine is filtered, you have 30 sterilized bottles and you have..how many corks? Only 15! Time for a quick trip to Wine Sense to get some more. You’re in luck this time because Wine Sense has very convenient hours– but what about next time?

Here are some tips for you: 

– Always buy in 100s. It is a better value and will do 3 batches of wine with a few to spare.

– When you open the bag of corks reseal the bag or put the unused corks into a Ziploc bag. The corks will  be clean and ready for your next batch. 

– Count your corks the day before bottling to give yourself time to get more if necessary.

Happy Bottling!

Bruce, Manager (Wine Sense- Pembina Hwy)

P.S. The Pembina Highway Wine Sense location is open from 12-4 on Sundays!

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Twisting by the Pool!

May 18, 2012

One of my favourite summer songs is “Twisting by the Pool” by Dire Straits released in 1983. It is the type of song that no one can resist when played at a social. You just have to move!

I have the same reaction with our Twisted Mist Lime Margarita/Hard Pink Lemonade wines. As soon as a bottle is opened you have to grab a glass with ice and enjoy and yes- I do have the urge to dance!

This year’s Twisted Mist is a split kit, you get 15 bottles of Lime Margarita and 15 bottles of Hard Pink Lemonade. The best part is it takes only 28 days to make and there is no aging required.


Hard Pink Lemonade:

Don’t be fooled by the pale pink hue – this Hard Pink Lemonade packs a punch. Fresh lemons mix with notes of pink grapefruit and candied peel, and a light sweetness softens the lemon pucker making for an easy-drinking treat. Serve this cooler-style drink ice cold on a hot afternoon.

Lime Margarita:

Tart lime and tequila flavours form the base of this classic margarita. A touch of sweetness offsets the sour citrus but still leaves that zesty lime explosion. Enjoy over crushed ice.


So grab yourself a Twisted Mist kit and in 4 weeks you’ll be Twisting too!



Bruce, Manager (Wine Sense- Pembina Hwy) 

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3 Degrees of Separation

May 4, 2012

Wine Sense had the good fortune to attend this year’s Winnipeg Wine Festival Gala Dinner last night. It’s one of the many events that make up the full week of the Festival. The Wine Festival is a major fund raising event for Special Olympics Manitoba.

This year’s Theme Region’s are BC and Ontario and as a result the wines for the dinner were supplied by Canadian Wineries. Which is where the world really gets small for Wine Sense and our customers…

The Keynote Speaker was John Peller. John is the President and CEO of Andrew Peller Limited which is responsible for such well known Canadian wine brands as Peller Estates, Hillebrand and Copper Moon just to name a few.

What else is Andrew Peller Limited known for? Winexpert and Vineco- the two manufactures of the great wine kits that we sell at Wine Sense. 

That’s right… Andrew Peller Limited- the largest Canadian owned group of wineries also produces such popular wine kit brands as Selection, Vintners Reserve, Cellar Craft, Cheeky Monkey and all of the other great brands you see at Wine Sense.

So as winemakers we’re only a few degrees of separation away from such great wines as Peller Estates and Trius… which just happened to be the two best wines served at the Gala! 


Craig- Wine Sense

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