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A Sense of Wine’s authors are the Wine Sense staff. You will be familiar with them as the friendly faces that serve you whenever you stop by one of the stores.

Join us as we share our insights on new procucts, advice and our experiences.

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BobI’ve been with Wine Sense for over 10 years and I am the Manager at the Springfield Road store.  I don’t have a paticular favourite wine, I like what suits the ocassion- A good red with steak or maybe a glass of Symphony out on the deck on a hot summer day. If I didn’t make my own wine I would never afford the opportunity to try so many different styles of wine.

Brian K.

Brian KentI have been with Wine Sense for over 9 years, mostly at the Portage Avenue location. My favorite wines are red, but I particularly enjoy a well aged Selection Estate Stag’s Leap Merlot with either a prime rib roast of beef or a filet mignon, both medium cooked. I love the affordability of being able to enjoy a high quality wine which doesn’t break the bank account plus being able to enjoy the fruits of my own labour.


I have been with Wine Sense for 9 years and I am the Manager of the Brandon Wine Sense location. My favorite wines have always been the Selection Limited Edition red wines. Being a home winemaker is the only way I can afford to drink that quality of wine .


JimI’ve been making wine for 16 years and employed with Wine Sense for over 7 years. I manage the Southdale location on Vermillion Road. My favourite wine is Pinot Noir, for it’s light taste and its ability to complement many foods. However the question “what do you want for supper” starts with a wine. Barolo? OK lets have pasta. I really enjoy how others appreciate my wines that I make.


VictorI am the Manager of the McPhillips Street location and have been with Winesense over 5 years. I have enjoyed wine ever since I can remenber. There was always a carrafe of wine on the dinner table growing up so making my own was a natural, and I don’t have to press my own grapes! My favourite wines are red and full-bodied- the Selection Estate Series Lodi Old Vines Zinfandel as an example. I’m always open to trying a new vintage or style, they are all great with good friends.


I’ve been with Wine Sense for about 6 years and work at the Wine Sense location in Brandon. I tend to gravitate more towards white wines in the summer and reds in the cooler weather. I enjoy off-drys in the whites mainly Gewuztraminer or Muller-Thurgau. and I particularily enjoy heavy reds such as Selection Luna Rossa or Italian Amerone. My wine making allows me to have a wide variety on hand for different meals and friends.


MeganI just started in October at Wine Sense! I tend to prefer white wines, but am enjoying many of the reds I have been fortunate enough to try with the guidance of my new colleagues. So far, the thing I like most about wine making is being able to experience great wines at affordable prices – and to be able to share that experience with my friends and family. I look forward to much more learning!


Craig1I along with Colin started Wine Sense almost 20 years ago. It’s been a great journey and a lot of fun and we’re very proud that Wine Sense is a Manitoba owned company. It’s a great business to be in because it involves one of my passions- wine. Whether it’s with food, friends or on it’s own- good wine has the amazing ability to make almost any situation more enjoyable.


BruceI am the manager of the Pembina Highway location and have been with Wine Sense for 10 years. My favourite wines are full bodied Reds. I always make the Limited Edition wines and I have enjoyed every one of them! Making my own wine gives me the freedom of having wine available for any occassion, without spending a lot of money.

‘King’ Roger

RogerI have been with Wine Sense since 2005 and work at the Pembina Highway location with Bruce. My favourite wines are all red wines that are all full-bodied, preferably with a lot of oak and alot of tannins. I enjoy a wine with a lasting and enjoyable finish. I enjoy making wines because I can stock pile very good wines at an affordable price.

Brian J.

I have been with  Wine Sense since 2006 and work with Bob and Mike at the Springfield Road location. I prefer reds but let the meal or situation help make the choice for me. Winemaking has afforded me the opportunity to try a wide range of wines I never would have been able to.


CarolI’ve been a home winemaker for almost 20 years. I’ve been with
Wine Sense since 2005 and work at the Portage Avenue location. I don’t have a specific favourite wine but I am always pleased with the quality of the Selection Limited Edition wines. As a home winemaker I’ve been able to develope a very nice high quality wine cellar with a lot variety to it.


 DianeI have worked for Wine Sense for a total of 7 years and my favourite wine is Selection International Spanish Rioja. Wine is a drink of many characters, giving a variety of experiences. One can enjoy it on it’s own or with food- On ones own or with company.  I enjoy using it when I cook, (one for the pot one for me)!  Wine is a great hobby, the results of which one can share with family and friends. Having a wine cellar, one always has a bottle on hand for un expected guests or the unexpected party invitation. Viva el Vino!


I have been with Wine Sense since 2008 but have been making wine for 15 years. Its a great hobby that both my wife and I enjoy. I gain great satisaction in making my own great tasting wine. I prefer reds and enjoy experimenting with the differnent types.



NeilMy name is Neil Roy and I am the new manager for the WIne Sense Brandon location. I live in Brandon with my wife of 25 wonderful years, Janene and our 3 sons. My wife and I have enjoyed the wine making lifestyle for some 8 years now and really enjoy the whole adventure.

 I’ve learned a very important thing so far- At Wine Sense we don’t just sell wine kits, we sell a ‘Wine Lifestyle.’











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