ReadyBrew by the Paddock Wood Brewing Co.


Paddock Wood Ready Brew kits are perfect for the homebrewer. A complete 23 litre wort (no water to add) brewed in the same stainless steel tanks as their commercially sold beers. Just add the included liquid yeast!

We rotate the types of kits based on popularity, seasonality and requests.

Selection changes very rapidly so call or stop by to see what’s in stock!

The Award-Winning Paddock Wood Brewing Co. (located in Saskatoon, SK) makes the all grain-grist and mashes it in their brewery with carefully selected specialty grains. Each kit gets a full 90 minute boil with fresh hops and then is packaged for you to take home. Click to view a tour of the Brewery!

Choose the beer that’s right for you! Each style lists the OG (Orignal Gravity) and IBU (International Bittering Units). The higher the OG the higher the alcohol. The higher the IBU the more hop bitterness.

Click here to view the Kit Instructions

Our line-up of styles is always evolving so check with your favourite Wine Sense location to see which styles they currently have ‘on tap’!

Exclusive in Manitoba to Wine Sense- it’s the best beer you’ll ever brew and ready to bottle in 10-14 days and no Carboy required!

Each kit includes a premium Wyeast liquid yeast and priming sugar.

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909 (Ersatz 606)

Made with the same recipe as the Paddock Wood Brewing Co.'s flagship, commercial 606 Pale Ale! It's classic, clean and hauling a heavy load of hops. It's hoppy and aromatic with wonderful citrus notes from cascade hops. OG 50-55 IBU 45


The White IPA is basically a marriage of two distinct beer styles; the American IPA with its high hop character and the wheat-based Belgian Wit with its refreshing orange notes. OG: 45-50 IBU: 40-45

Belgian Witbier

This Belgian style wheat beer has notes of coriander, orange, grapefruit and lemon peel. It features malted barely and wheat as well as flaked oats and is balanced with Hallertau and Marynka hops. OG:49 IBU:15

American Red Ale

A classic American Red Ale with good malt character balanced with a touch of bitterness and hop aroma from American Cascade hops. OG: 48-53 IBU: 29

American Pale Ale

A tasty American Pale Ale with good malt character and refreshing hop notes- but not aggressively bitter. Finishes dry. OG: 50-55 IBU: 30

ABC Pale Ale

Apollo, Bravo and Cascade hops are used to brew this classic American West Coast style IPA. Lots of hop character! OG: 50-55 IBU: 55

Burton On Trent Pale Ale

In the style of Bass Pale Ale, there is a complex aroma of hops and malt. Best served very fresh- A great session beer. OG: 43-44 IBU: 19-20

American Wheat Ale

A big, long lasting head sits atop a hazy golden body. It's clean and mellow with low hop levels and a smooth mouthfeel. Very popular with non-beer drinkers. Made with malted barley and wheat. OG: 45-55 IBU: 14

British Brown Ale

This ‘Newkie’ ale is the quintessential rich, English brown ale. It is malty, somewhat nutty, refreshing with a hint of sweetness. OG: 50-55 IBU: 25

Carib Lager

A pale light Pilsner in the European style, balances gentle dryness from traditional European hopping. Refreshing drinkability makes this the perfect warm weather thirst quencher! OG: 40 IBU: 20.4

German Koelsch

A pale gold brew, topped with a pure white foamy head that lingers in the glass. A popular beer for those who like the flavour of a tasty lager. OG: 48-50 IBU: 22-24

Honey Amber Cream Ale

A delicious beer with a rich amber colour and smooth honey notes. The finish is dry and very easy to drink. OG: 40-45 IBU: 18

German Altbier

This traditional German Ale possesses many Lager characters. Lighter tasting than it’s colour suggests with a firm Marynka hop character. OG: 50-55 IBU: 35-40

Great Northern Gold

A clean light beer with a delicate promise of hops in the aroma, followed up by a well-blanced malt and hop flavour. It has a dry clean finish with just a hint of fruitiness. A refreshing alternative to pale Pilseners for summer thirst quenching beer. OG: 50-55 IBU: 25

Irish Cream Ale

Clean yet malty, this rich ale has notes of pear in the aroma and finishes dry with hints of fruit and hops. An easy drinking, full-flavoured ale. OG: 40-45 IBU: 18

Spitfire English Ale

A traditional English Pale Ale with nice malt and hop balance. Finishing clean and crisp- it’s a fantastic, medium-bodied session beer. OG: 50-55 IBU: 33-34

Tolly Cobb's Mild Ale

A classic English Mild Ale. Low bitterness makes it very easy to enjoy! OG: 40 IBU:18

Messerschmidtt Dortmunder

A malt accented German Lager based on the Dortmunder style. Deep gold in colour with moderate hop character. A good quaffing beer! OG: 45-50 IBU: 23

Toucan Stout

A coal black stout with a hint of silky chocolate flavour and a long lasting, creamy head. A Paddock Wood favourite! OG: 50-55 IBU: 25-26

Muggleswick UK Bitter

Well balanced malt with a very drinkable bitterness level makes this classic UK Bitter very easy to enjoy! OG: 50 IBU: 25

Thor's Revenge Double IPA

A flavourful, malt forward Double IPA with a well balanced bitterness. A great beer for dry-hopping. OG: 75-80 IBU: 85-90

The Eye of Porter

A classic English-style Porter with chocolate and subtle coffee notes. A spin-off of Paddock Wood’s commercial London Porter. OG: 43-52 IBU:32

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