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August 2021


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Another Happy Vinturi Owner!

January 27, 2011

BrianJamesI recently had a customer come in to purchase a Vinturi. He had previously purchased one as a gift for a friend for Christmas.

My customer had visited his friends during the holidays and naturally they shared some wine. Having opened a bottle of wine and pouring some glasses his friend suggested that they should try ‘that thing’ my customer had given him for Christmas.

redThey poured some of the same wine through the Vinturi and tried it. They thought ‘I guess it did something’  finished the glass then went back to the original glasses that they had poured. It was at this point they realized the difference and were amazed at how much better the wine that went through the Vinturi was.


Needless to say that was the reason my customer came in… to buy a Vinturi for himself!


Brian, Manager (Wine Sense- Portage Avenue)

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Time to Go Plastic!

September 22, 2010

BobI normally do most of my winemaking in the fall and winter months so last week after work I decided to prepare my winemaking work station. I had four empty glass carboys on the table and moved two to the floor and put two on my futon. I washed down the table and took inventory of my equipment and supplies. Quite pleased that everything was ready for production- I was ready for a break and turned on the TV and sat on the futon… 



Big mistake! As I sat down the weight change caused one carboy to fall and smash into the other and poof… two carboys lost. What a mess, thankfully I avoided any cuts. It was recycling day the next day so I put the carboy ‘shrapnel’ in the Blue Box and it was gone in the morning.

Plastic Carboys

Plastic- Lighter and Safer than Glass!

The moral of this story is that I’m switching to Plastic Carboys, just as good as glass, about 14lbs lighter and a whole lot safer!


Bob, Manager (Wine Sense- Springfield Rd)

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The Auto-Syphon Clamp

July 12, 2010

BobIt’s always nice when new gadgets come along and the Auto-Syphon Clamp is long overdue. I’m sure most winemakers are aware of the Siphon Clip- the little red clip that attaches to your siphon combo and secures it to your pail or carboy. It allows you to ‘hover’ the end of your syphon over the sediment bed so you don’t pull in any sediment while syphoning.

AutoSyphon Clip

The Clamp- holding the Auto-Syphon to a Primary Fermenter

The Auto-Syphon Clamp works exactly the same in that it clips onto pails and carboys. The bonus is that it is designed specifically to fit the Auto-Syphon – something the red Syphon Clip could never do. You can now use your Auto-Syphon when filtering and bottling or filling your Wine-On-Tap system (which are on sale until July 24th!) 

I’ve had an Auto-Syphon for years but have never used it to bottle because it stirs up the sediment too much- which ends up in the bottle or plugs your filter pads. Now that problem has been solved and for the low price of $3.99 you can have one too.

If you don’t have an Auto-Syphon pop on down to your favourite Wine Sense location and we’ll be happy to show you how it operates… no more having to suck on your syphon to get it started!


Bob, Manager (Wine Sense- Springfield Rd.)

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Why I Use Nomacorcs

June 16, 2010

BruceFor all of you who use the Nomacorc synthetic cork, just a reminder. After you cork your wine you should leave your bottles upright for at least 5 days, not the usual 3 days. Because Nomacorcs provide such a good seal (compared to natural corks) it can take more time for the air pressure to equalize. If you put your bottles on their sides too soon, as the air escapes, it may take a little wine with it.


Wine Sense Nomacorcs!

For those of you who have not used Nomacorcs, you should give them a try. They never break apart when you pull them out of the bottle and they have a zero failure rate due to cork taint. Most importantly Nomacorcs are a great improvement on the 400 year old technology of natural corks and are the best option available for the home winemaker. Let’s face it, if winemaking was invented today we would not be running into forests and digging into tree bark to seal our bottles!

 Nomacorc is an impressive company that looks beyond their corks and are considered an industry leader in all facets of storing wine including how oxygen affects wine, bottle shape and optimum cork insertion. I use Nomacorcs for all of my wines and recommend them to my customers. Click here to read an impressive Wall Street Jounal article about Nomacorc.

Wine Sense currently has all of our corks on sale for 20%off so it’s a great time to give Nomacorcs a try or to stock up on your cork needs. (offer ends July 3rd, 2010)


Bruce, Manager (Wine Sense- Pembina Hwy)

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