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July 2020


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The Carboy Cleaner- a New 'Toy'

April 22, 2010

JimLast week when the Carboy Cleaners arrived- I had to try one. I had two carboys to clean and the Carboy Cleaner not only did a great job but it was fun to use. Think of a ‘car-wash’ inside your carboy.

No more having to scrub with a Carboy Brush while trying to get into the shoulders of the carboy. No more trying to carefuly ‘aim’ the tip of the brush to get that tough spot on the bottom of the carboy. 

It took only 1 litre of water and 1 tbsp of Sparklebrite to clean the carboy (not counting the rinse water). This significantly cuts down on the cost of cleaning by using less Sparklebrite and as a result less water.

The best part was that I finished with the cleaning and put the carboy away in 10 minutes (yes- I did play longer than necessary).


Make life easier- get a Carboy Cleaner!


In the past, my problem with cleaning carboys was filling them up to soak and forgetting to come back and finish. Now everything is cleaned up and put away before I leave the room… my wife likes this.

Click here to view a brief video and see why the Carboy Cleaner (exclusive to Wine Sense)  is the fastest, easiest and best way to clean your carboys!


Jim- Manager (Southdale)

Filed under: Equipment, New Products by Craig

I love my Better Bottle

March 24, 2010

BobI was just thinking about the first time I used a Better Bottle carboy. My first thought was wow- is this thing light! I couldn’t believe how light it was after I racked my wine from the pail to the carboy, and proceeded to lift it up onto my wine bench. It was also a lot easier to get a good grip on it too. The big neck and the indent on bottom made it feel very secure as I lifted it up. No fear either of banging it up against another carboy and watch the ensuing disaster unfold!

When you’re cleaning your Better Bottle, they are light and easy to grip. They don’t get slippery like glass carboys.


I have a converted closet turned into a carboy storage area. It is quite elaborate with separate shelves for each carboy and a cloth cover to stop any breakage due to inadvertent collisions. I’m thinking to myself, that if all my carboys were plastic all I would have to do is stack in there without the high tech storage structure.

I have had far too many conversations with customers about the clean up after a carboy breakage. With the Better Bottle there’s no need to worry about that.

As the Better Bottles are on sale at the moment, I would give them a big thumbs up and would highly recommend this product.



Manager- Wine Sense (Springfield Rd.)

Filed under: Equipment by Craig

Whip Tips

January 12, 2010

Brian KentIf you were lucky enough to find the three pronged wine whip under the Christmas tree this year, or you are a winemaking enthusiast that has one, here are a couple of tips in using this useful piece of equipment.


The Wine Whip- a wine makes best friend!

During the first stage, when you are finished adding the required amount of water to your juice/concentrate, you will read the direction “stir vigorously for 30 seconds”. When that direction is given, it means that you have to blend two liquids with different viscosities together so that they are well mixed. If you don’t stir vigorously, then you could find that the wine in your primary may be layered and will not have the correct specific gravity stated in the directions. Your solution is to stir the water/wine mixture with your wine whip for the next 30 seconds and achieve the correct specific gravity easily. There will be a layer of bubbles on your must, so use your thief to collect a sample of wine to measure your specific gravity with your hydrometer.

You can also use the wine whip during Stage 1 to mix the oak chips contained in the kit. Turn the whip on an angle, resting it on the rim of the primary and mix. This ensures that the oak chips are swept under the surface of the must to help make them more waterlogged (winelogged?).

Hopefully these two Wine Whip tips will help make your winemaking easier for you!



Wine Sense Portage Avenue

Filed under: Equipment by Craig

Tools and Gadgets for the Winemaker

December 10, 2009

BenJust a couple of ideas that may help make your wine making experience that much more enjoyable!

An Avvinator is a great tool to help sanitize your bottles, spraying the sodium metabisulphite or aseptox into your bottles instead of having to soak them. After using your avvinator, a Bottle Tree is also a big help, allowing your bottles to drip dry. It takes up very little space and gives the bottles a chance to drain in a simple and organized way. Used together, your bottle sanitising routine becomes a breeze.

Getting ready to bottle? A Floor Corker is a must! Instantly, bottling becomes a quicker and easier task. The stability of the floor corker gives you much more control of the bottle, as well as the depth of the cork. 


Just a few of the tools and gadgets for the winemaker!

Buon Vino Mini Jet Filters are the ultimate “power tool” for the winemaker. They put a commercial polish on your wine and help your wine along with its evolution by removing solids. Still not sure? You can rent a Floor Corker or Filter from Wine Sense to try before you buy!

As you continue to make wine, you will find that there are many little things that will make your life easier, including Carboy Handles, Bottle Washers, Auto Syphons, Wine Thiefs, Brew Belts, and maybe the best invention of all – the Wine Whip, which allows you to degas your wine effortlessly in minutes. These accessories would be a treat for any winemaker this Holiday Season and a lot of them are on sale right now!

I hope you find these little hints helpful.

From Ben and Ken we hope you have a Great Holiday season!


Manager- Wine Sense (Brandon Location)

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