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November 2018
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NEW Styles Galore!

March 15, 2018

These are exciting times at Wine Sense as we currently have nine new wines and one new beer in stock!

Some of them are Limited Release wines so you will not want to delay in getting yours- the Selection Pink Pinot Grigio is moving like hotcakes and we are trying to get more in stock asap!

Here’s a quick summary of the styles- you can get complete details of the new products at our NEW Page:

-Eclipse Italian Veneto Forza with Grapeskins- an Amarone style blockbuster coming it at 16%

-Selection Argentine Malbec- another BIG red wine and great for those who were fans of discontinued Selection Chilean Malbec

-Limited Release Selection Pink Pinot Grigio- don’t pre-judge this Rose, it’s delicious, versatile and perfect for summer.

-Limited Release Island Mist Hard Pink Lemonade- back by popular demand!

-Limited Release Island Mist Mango Mai Tai- refreshing flavours of mango, pineapple and rum!

-Limited Release Island Mist Peach Bellini- peach, apricot and prosecco (we secured the last 38 cases from Winexert!)

-Niagara Mist Pineapple Ginger Mist- fragrant pineapple with a exotic ginger!

-Limited Release Niagara Mist Pineapple Coconut Mist- cool things down with pineapple and coconut!

-Limited Release Spice Lime Mist- kick it up with spiced lime! A great alternative to vodka when mixing Caesars!

-Limited Release Brew House Kölsch- the easy drinking classic German-style beer is perfect for the summer!

So head on down to Wine Sense asap to get your hands on these great new styles!

Just a handful of the New styles available at Wine Sense!




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LE17 Hawke’s Bay Merlot

January 16, 2018

We are very fortunate to be offering the New Zealand Hawke’s Bay Merlot as the February wine in the LE17 Collection.

Hawke’s Bay’s temperate climate and plentiful sunshine make the region ideal for fruit-growing with grape vines first planted in 1851.
Hawke’s Bay has since earned itself an international reputation for producing high quality Cabernet & Merlot blends, Syrah, Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and an impressive array of aromatic white wines.

Our LE17 Hawke’s Bay Merlot features ripe fruit with dark, oaky spice and soft tannins with hints of mocha and licorice. It will pair well with any beef dish and of course lamb!

LE17 Hawke’s Bay Merlot arrives later this month. For those of you who didn’t pre-order this fabulous wine- call you favourite Wine Sense location and ask them to reserve one for you before they are gone!

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There’s a New Way to Make Wine!

April 26, 2015

CraigSoon you’ll have a new way to make wine! The Manitoba Liquor and Gaming Authority recently announced that Wine-On-Premise will be allowed in Manitoba.

Also known as U-Vint, U-Brew and ‘On-Site’ Winemaking, Wine-on-Premise has been allowed in all provinces (except Manitoba and and Alberta) for as long as 20 years. Now Manitoban’s get to join in the fun!

What is Wine-On-Premise? Simply put we do the most of the work for you in our stores…

-You choose and pay for your wine.

-We quickly prep it for you in our In-Store Winery facility.winery 2

-You pitch (add) the yeast.

-We ferment, degas, stabilize and filter your wine in our In-Store Winery.

– You come back when the wine is ready and bottle your wine using our Winery Bottle Washers, Bottle Fillers and Corkers.

You don’t have to worry about the heavy lifting or any of the clean-up!

So over the next while you’ll notice some changes at your favourite Wine Sense store as we prepare the Winery facilities in each store. Right now we’re waiting for some time-lines and final regulations from the LGA. As we get this information we’ll have more specific timelines and information for you.

So spread the word- There’s a new way to make wine!






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Coconut Yuzu what…?

March 30, 2015



We’re really excited at Wine Sense with some of the new products we have coming out in our Mist product lines. Niagara Mist has re-released Mango Strawberry Moscato and Island Mist has just released Coconut Yuzu Pinot Gris. Now many of you are familiar with the Mango Strawberry Moscato as it was first released 2 years ago as a Special Release Niagara Mist style but…

Coconut Yuzu?

It’s not because they’re running out of styles and are trying anything- it’s because Winexpert is using a new ‘Flavour House’ which is providing them with flavours and blends that are amazing! The Winexpert Product Tasting Panel is being wowed by the flavours and jumping at the opportunity to offer them to winemakers.

And that goes the same for 2 new upcoming products. You’ll see a new release in Niagara Mist in May that is another wild and unique blend and one of this fall’s Seasonal Release DeCoconut Yuzussert Wines will blow you away… but you’ll have to wait to see more info on them ; )

In the meantime try the Coconut Yuzu Pinot Grigio. It’s a subtle blend of Coconut Water and Yuzu (an Asian citrus fruit) that is refreshing and blends perfectly with Pinot Gris. Perfect for summer time sipping…

…. and stay tuned for more exciting blends that will excite anyone who loves great tasting treats!


Note* All Mist Wines are on sale until April 25th, 2015!




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