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April 2021


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Real Men Drink Pink

April 27, 2012

I wasn’t sure what to write about for today’s Blog until my customers unwittingly gave me my subject. After I sold the 3rd Selection French Rosé this morning it was obvious…

Selection French Rosé!

When you look outside and see trees budding, grass turning green and tulips growing in the garden- you don’t realize is it is still spring. Warm weather is still a month away, so now is the time to make a French Rosé. French Rosé is an off dry pink wine and is the perfect back yard wine. It is an extremely food friendly wine, the pairing possibilities run the gamut from light salads to meats from the grill. Yes, I said meats from the grill- French Rosé has enough crisp flavours that it can stand up to red meats and is perfect with anything that has barbecue sauce on it. It’s definitely a wine to keep well-stocked and ready all summer.

It’s also great when served chilled which is another reason why it’s so perfect for the warm weather. 

And yes… I consider my self a Real Man and I am proud to drink and serve French Rosé!



Bruce, Manager (and Real Man)

Wine Sense- Pembina Highway

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They’re Baaaack…

March 16, 2012

The warm weather is coming at us faster than ever! Which means it’s the perfect time to start making your Mist wines so you’re ready when the hot days are here.

Mist Wines feature varietal wines blended with complimentary fruit flavours. They’re lighter in alcohol, perfect in a glass full of ice and crisp and refreshing. They’re perfect for the Patio!

And now ‘back by popular demand’ we have the Niagara Mist Strawberry Lychee Traminer and the Raspberry Dragon Fruit White Shiraz. These unique styles were released a couple of years ago and sold out fast! Fortunately, this time they will be permanent features in the Niagara Mist line up and best of all… all 16 styles of Niagara Mist are on Sale until March 31st, 2012!


Bruce, Manager (Wine Sense- Pembina Hwy)


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Selection International with Grape Skins

March 2, 2012

In a recent blog I talked about the new Cellar Craft Showcase wine kits. Cellar Craft offers great wines (many of them award winners) from unique areas but they do require long term aging for best results. I know aging is hard for a lot of wine makers out there so I am going to talk about the Selection International kit with Grape Skins kits. The Selection International skin kits are long term aging kits with a twist. They’re formulated to taste good young and still get better with age. If you’re looking a wine with excellent varietal character, bold flavours and aromas and full-bodied tannins, all in a wine that drinks well young and rewards patience, these are the wines for you.   


• 16.4 litres of juice and concentrate and 1.6 litres of grapeskins—18 litres total

• Six week winemaking schedule

• Layered flavour and a complex profile

• Bolder flavours and aromas

• Country of origin designation

• Drinkable at 3 months of age, with potential for cellaring

• Labels Included!

Selection International with Grape skins is one of the most exciting and timely kits Winexpert has produced, allowing the winemaker to choose a country of origin kit with varietal grape skins. 

Choose from:

Australian Petit Verdot- Dark, rich and wonderfully concentrated

Chilean Malbec Shiraz- Plums and berries with an accent of chocolate

Sicilian Nero D’Avola- Long and smooth with appealing fruit

Spanish Tempranillo- Blackcherry, raspberries and plums- very lush.


Why do you want to make a Selection International with Grape Skins? Because you get the best of both worlds- Quick development and long term improvement… Intense full flavours without the wait!

The Grape Skins are very easy to handle- simply put them into the included muslin bag and into the Primary. When you’re ready to transfer to the Carboy remove the bag, squeeze out any remaining juice and discard. Then Syphon and continue as normal!



Bruce, Manager (Wine Sense, Pembina Hwy)


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New Cellar Craft Showcase

February 10, 2012

Many of my customers are asking about the new Cellar Craft Showcase wine kits we are now selling. The Cellar Craft brand was recently purchased by Vineco (makers of Cheeky Monkey, KenRidge, California Connoisseur, Legacy, Niagara Mist and more)

Cellar Craft has always had a great reputation of making very good wines and we’re pleased to be able to offer them. Cellar Craft Showcase kits are a very good quality aging wine kit. When I say aging I mean that they have not been formulated to be consumed early. You have to be patient (patient means one year plus) but you will be rewarded! Now don’t get too concerned, as always enjoy your wines when they’re young- and appreciate them as they age. But if you’re not ageing your wine more than six months you won’t see the best of these kits.

Cellar Craft wine kits also include a pack of Crushed Grapes- the extra tannins in the skins provide even more structure and firmness you expect from premium wines. The Crushed Grapes are really easy to handle- they go in a muslin bag and you just squeeze it out after Primary Fermentation and discard them.

Here’s the full descriptionsFrom the Vineco website or you can click here for the abridged descriptions from the Wine Sense website:

Many of our wine kits stand apart from our other offerings and have been deemed worthy of Showcase designation. Their distinction may come from breakthrough technology, such as our exclusive Crushed Grape Packs; best of vintage Limited Release wines; unique regional wines or any wine which we believe reflects a new level of excellence or discovery for the wine hobbyist. The level of excellence may require extra processing steps and, while designed to be bottle-ready in as little as 6 weeks, may require lengthier cellaring time to show at their peak.

We have the following kits in store- they are 18 litres (to yield 23 litres) and are ready to bottle in 6 weeks.

South African Stellenbosch Shiraz

This Shiraz from South Africa’s Stellenbosch region continues to gain international recognition for its distinctive new style. It may best be described as having Rhône-style backbone but with heady, New-World, up-front fruit. It is however more refined than many Australian “fruit bombs”. Fermentation on a Crushed Grape Pack of Stellenbosch Shiraz grapes ensures that the wine shows heightened layers of blackberry, boysenberry, fig, and plum, followed by notes of cocoa, chocolate, and coffee. It subtly shows the trademark black pepper note common to all Syrah and Shiraz. Two-stage oak treatment, using French and Hungarian oaks, contributes vanilla and toast while harmonizing the many flavours within the wine. A subtle hint of mineral remains in the background then accompanies the fruit through the long finish. The wine will begin to show its potential after 6 months ageing and should continue to develop for at least 2 years. Will pair wonderfully with all of your best red meat meals. Sure to impress your guests.

Merlot Washington 

Bold, yet elegant. This Yakima Valley Merlot is big and full with up-front waves of raspberry, blackberry and plum. Subtle notes of cedar and mocha follow the fruit. Over time, the flavours harmonize while the select oak contributes a tempering vanilla note and establishes a sumptuous combination of textures and well defined structure. Dark, rich and intense, it is a wine worthy of aging; will continue to improve for at least 2 years in the bottle. 

Rosso Fortissimo 

Our original Crushed Grape Pack wine. Super-Tuscan styled wine vinted from Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Sangiovese and other native Italian varieties. Fermented on Yakima crushed Merlot grapes. A big, full-bodied wine with solid structure and bold fruit notes. Complex cassis, plum and cherry notes balance the bold tannins. French and American oaks contribute toasty vanilla and greater depth in this intense wine. Like all Crushed Grape Pack wines, a minimum of 6 months aging is required to begin to see harmony develop. A year is better and 2 years yields a very special wine for your enjoyment. 

Bella Sonoma Vineyard PINOT NOIR – Sonoma Coast, California 
18 liter format with Sonoma Coast crushed grapes 
January 2012 Release 
The Sonoma Coast is California’s “hottest” Pinot Noir region because it is California’s coolest temperature wine region where soils are generally demanding with high rock, gravel and clay content. These conditions result in low crop yields and wines which are concentrated, complex and elegant with ageing and attracting a rush of new plantings within the region. 
The Bella Sonoma Vineyard in the south-west part of the region has rocky, shallow soil and was planted 15-16 years ago with a variety of Dijon clones. It is heavily influenced by marine fogs which flow freely inland though the Petaluma Gap keeping temperatures low for ideal flavour development. 
This bright ruby-hued wine is medium-bodied with classic aromatics dominated by bright cherry, fresh raspberry, elegant spice and subtle notes from medium toast Hungarian oak introduced post-fermentation. 
The palate shows more cherry, a suggestion of black fruits and licorice with a balance of vibrant coastal acidity and fine tannins. 
Sensory refinement and elegance will begin to develop after 12 months and should continue through the third or forth years of cellaring to become a very special Pinot. 
With moderate tannins and bright coastal acidity the wine will compliment a wide range of foods – from white fish to beef steaks and most dishes in between. Classic pairings include coq au vin, duck, pheasant, rabbit, salmon, shellfish, and smoked foods. Of course, it is also the first choice as a red, social sipper for your special guests. 
Don’t fuss it – just serve it. 

I hope this helps.


Bruce, Manager (Wine Sense- Pembina Hwy)

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