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A Sense of Wine is Wine Sense's journal of new products, techniques and behind the scenes info for those who love to make wine. The authors are the Wine Sense staff. You will be familiar with them as the friendly faces that serve you whenever you stop by one of the stores. Join us as we share our insights on new procucts, advice and our experiences. Please feel free to comment on any posts- we look forward to your input!

April 2021


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The New Limiteds are Here- I'm a Somebody!

December 22, 2009

Craig1Although the Wine Sense folks like to think of our selves as a little more sophisticated than Steve Martin’s character Navin Johnson, in the movie The Jerk- we are certainly just as excited!

If you recall, our hero Navin starts jumping around exclaiming his excitement to see his name in the new phonebook. This is pretty much how we react at Wine Sense when the Limited Edition wines start arriving! That is of course after we’ve recovered from unloading them.


You think he's excited? You should see the Wine Sense folks when the Limited Edition wines arrive!

Why are we so excited? Because the Selection Limited Edition wines are always great wines. Better yet- this year we are re-releasing the top five wines of the last 20 years of the Selection Limited Edition program. All five wines are proven winners in taste and in competition!

If you are a veteran of the Limited Edition program you get to remake some of your favourites. If you’re new to the Limited Edition Program you’ve picked a great time to try some of our most popular wines ever!

If you did not reserve any of the wines this year and you are thinking about trying a Limited Edition wine- do not delay. Our pre-orders were way up this year and as a result we have a very small quantity of extra kits available. On average less than 25 kits per style per store.

The South African Shiraz and the California Lake County Trio Blanca are now in stock. If you pre-ordered these wines you can now come down to your favourite Wine Sense location and pick up your kit(s). If you didn’t pre-order you will want to get to your favourite Wine Sense store as soon as possible and get one of these great wines before they’re all gone!


Wine Sense

Filed under: General, New Products by Craig

World Vineyard Italian Barolo

November 6, 2009

JimAnother new wine opportunity for me. I have completed making the new World Vineyard Italian Barolo. The Barolo wine is fast becoming one of my favorite red wines. This wine kit made up very easily and the instructions were simple to follow.

In the first stage the fermentation started almost immediately with pressure on the plastic cover within a couple of hours. My room temperature was consistent at 22C throughout the full time period.

By stage two in 5 days the SG was 1.004, which is consistent with the instructions.

Stage three took a little longer than the instructions, 14 days before I got 2 consecutive SG readings of .992. Stabilizing went well, the wine degassed properly and once again I got to play with my Wine Whip 😀 .

By bottling day the wine had cleared to a beautiful ruby red. After racking it to another carboy I decided I would filter this wine. I don’t filter all of my wines but because I want to drink this wine early, I did.

My bottling is finished and I totally enjoyed the aroma of this wine while I was leaning over the bottles as they filled. Believe it or not there was a glass of wine left over for me to analyze. This time my planning was perfect, just before supper. So I tested the wine by it’s self and found it enjoyable but young, I would give it a month or two to age. But with supper I found it superb very robust and the tannins where perfect. So either way it’s good out of the carboy or with aging.

Remember your best 2 bottles of wine will be your last 2 bottles of wine. So don’t wait, put another kit on.

Jim Everton
Manager (Wine Sense – Southdale)

Filed under: New Products by Jim


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