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A Sense of Wine is Wine Sense's journal of new products, techniques and behind the scenes info for those who love to make wine. The authors are the Wine Sense staff. You will be familiar with them as the friendly faces that serve you whenever you stop by one of the stores. Join us as we share our insights on new procucts, advice and our experiences. Please feel free to comment on any posts- we look forward to your input!

May 2021


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Wine on Premise is Coming!

June 4, 2015

CraigIf you’ve been to our Southdale Square or McPhillips St Wine Sense locations you’ve noticed some pretty major changes. The store fronts are now a bit smaller as we’ve expanded our back rooms to make space for the Wineries we are putting in for Wine on Premise!

Also known as U-Vint, U-Brew and ‘On-Site’ Winemaking, Wine-on-Premise has been allowed in all provinces (except Manitoba and and Alberta) for as long as 20 years. Now Manitoban’s get to join in the fun!

What is Wine-On-Premise? Simply put we do the most of the work for you in our stores…

-You choose and pay for your wine.


Jenna & Drew from City TV Broadcast from out Southdale Square location.

-We quickly prep it for you in our In-Store Winery facility.

-You pitch (add) the yeast.

-We ferment, degas, stabilize and filter your wine in our In-Store Winery.

– You come back when the wine is ready and bottle your wine using our Winery Bottle Washers, Bottle Fillers and Corkers.

You don’t have to worry about the heavy lifting or any of the clean-up!

Southdale is well along with the Winery Room basically finished- the commercial sink is in place, the 3 cartridge water filter and the mixing valve are installed at the Start Station for quality control and finished product consistency.

The big change is on the sales floor- you’ll now notice the bottling stations where you’ll see the two bottle electric filler, pneumatic corkers and heat shrink machine- all winery grade equipment- that you’ll get to use if you have us make your wine for you!

As we wait for authorization from the LGA to start offering the Wine on Premise service you’ll see our other stores get the same makeovers!

Think of us as your ‘Personal Winery’!





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The Cider Revolution

April 25, 2014

CraigCider is one of the hottest sectors of the North American beverage alcohol industry!

Much like the explosion in the Cider Glamour_webpopularity of craft beers, cider is really making the same strides in its category- with growth of more than 60% in recent years! And the big boys are noticing with Budweiser, Miller and other mega breweries getting into the Cider game.

Why is Cider becoming more popular? Because it has broad appeal to both wine and beer drinkers and is often seen as a great alternative for those who don’t appreciate beer. Cider also tends to have just a hint of sweetness which makes it really refreshing and drinkable. Also, it’s not just about apples any more- there’s a variety of styles to choose from.

All of us at Wine Sense are please to be part of the Cider revolution- our Craft Series Cider kits come from the good folks at imake. imake is New Zealand and Australia’s DIY leaders when it comes to hand-crafted foods and beverages. And their Craft Series Cider kits are the leader in the industry. They only use the freshest and best quality fruit which is then pressed and cold filled. This care preserve the natural flavour of the fruit giving you Cider which is fresh, crisp and refreshing.

And it’s Easy! Simply mix the contents of the Craft Series Cider kit and top up to 23L in our our 32L sized Primary with Lid (it ferments and clears in about 10-14 days) and then you bottle. NO Carboy required!

So become part of the revolution and start making some Cider! Wine Sense has 5 styles of Cider to choose from including traditional Apple Cider, Mixed Berry Cider and more.





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The Perfect Summer Wine!

March 27, 2014

CraigThis is the fourth spring we’ve been fortunate enough to offer a Rose wine for summer sipping. The first two releases were from Spain, last year the was a French Rose and this year we have something even more exciting- Australian Grenache Rosé!

And don’t fall into the stereotype- we’re not talking about a super sweet blush style or White Zinfandel. Today’s Rosés are fruity with just a hint of residual sugar- just Selection-Roseenough to balance the wine with an off-dry finish. They’re not even a ‘1’ on the sweetness scale. They are however very, very drinkable and go with a huge variety of foods.

Australian Grenache Rosé has crisp hints of bright red cherry, fresh strawberry and a barely off-dry, refreshing finish.  It will go well with summer salads, fish, pork and burgers and anything with barbeque sauce. Australian Grenache Rosé will also go very well on  a hot summer day in a glass full of ice. It’s also great young- so this is a make it now and drink it this summer wine : )

Remember there’s only a limited quantity of this fantastic varietal wine available so get yours before they are all gone!




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Cheese & Beer Soup Recipe

November 8, 2013

Well winter is just around the corner and the cold weather is coming. Nothing like a hearty bowl of soup to warm you up. How about a creamy cheese and BEER soup? My kids could eat this one every night and come back for more.
I used one of the new Paddock Wood Spitfire English Ales in the last batch of beer and cheese soup, wonderful flavour, not too overbearing, just the right amount of ‘hoppy’ essence left after cooking. YUMMY with some big slices of bread and of course a large glass of ale.
Here is my favourite recipe for Beer and Cheese Soup
(don’t be afraid to add to this soup… bacon, broccoli….)

1/2 cup butter or margarine beercheesesoup
1/2 cup flour
4 cups milk or chicken broth
1 bottle of your favorite beer
Dash of onion salt
2 tsp dry chicken base
Dash of tabasco
Dash of worchestershire sauce
1lb cheddar cheese (shredded)
1/2 cup chives, chopped

Melt butter, add flour and stir well to make sauce texture.

Then add milk or chicken broth, plus all other ingredients, EXCEPT beer and cheese. Stir well. 

Add cheese in small amounts and stir until melted, add beer, stir and simmer for 10 minutes.

Hopefully with will be a hit with your family.
That’s all for this time,
Take time to treat yourself …you deserve it.


Lori, Manager (Wine Sense Springfield Rd)

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