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May 2021


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The Importance of Reading Instructions.

March 30, 2012

The home winemaking industry is constantly changing. The kit manufacturers are acquiring better raw materials for improved flavour and aromas,better technologies and as a result changes to methodologies. The wine kit manufacturer will adjust their instructions to ensure you get the most out of your wine so it is very important that you read AND follow the instructions.

For example some kits are adding oak cubes that go into the secondary instead of the primary or sometimes there are two packs of yeast or other add packs that have to be added.

And of course different manufactures have instructions that they feel work best for their kits- so what you are use to doing may be different when you try a different wine kit. It doesn’t mean one set of instructions is better or worse than the other- just different because the winemaker for a certain manufacturer has their philosophies.

A lot of work goes into wine kit instructions- they’re clear concise and really do make things easier. Especially when compared to many of the ‘do it yourself’ instructions that you see today…











So whenever you start your wine kit- review the instructions for any changes and follow them to ensure you make the best wine possible : )


Bruce, Manager (Wine Sense- Pembina Hwy)


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Check Your Temperature!

December 16, 2011

If you are having a hard time clearing you white wine you are not alone. This is a reoccurring situation that happens during the fall and spring when temperatures range greatly from day to night and day to day. It also seems to be happening now during this warm winter.


Now you are thinking “What the heck? This hasn’t happened before… my wine always clears.”

There are a few things that could be the cause. One is doing a poor job of degassing your wine. Using the spoon or shaking the carboy does not always do a thorough job. Use a drill attachment Wine Whip to ensure there is no residual CO2 left in the wine. The second and most common problem is temperature. For a wine to clear consistently it has to be warm, about 22c. Most homes now have electronic thermostats that are programmed to lower the temperature during the day when nobody is home and at night when everyone is asleep. The house cools down during these periods and this slows down clearing. Remember the recommended temperature in your instructions if for the whole winemaking process- not just while the wine is fermenting. Finally- use your Hydrometer! If you stabilize your wine too soon you will have clearing problems.

Here are some ideas to help clearing:

-Use a heat belt to increase the temperature in the carboy. 

-Use a Digital Thermometer on your carboy- they’re in expensive but very useful. This will tell you at a glance what the wine temperature is. You might be surprised- remember your wall thermostat is only accurate for the location that it’s in.

-Set your carboy on an insulator on the table. Use a towel or piece of Styrofoam. The carboy will transfer cold from the table to the wine if there is no barrier between them. Also wrap your carboy if you have a ‘set-back’ thermostat or disable the ‘set-back’ function.

-Always use your Hydrometer.

Have a Merry Christmas,

Bruce, Manager (Wine Sense- Pembina Hwy)

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Twisted Mist Lime Margarita

May 13, 2011

A customer was kind enough to drop off a bottle of the new Twisted Mist Lime Margarita the other day for me to try- she was very pleased with the way it turned out. So last night I decided to take it on a test drive. I have to confirm her assessment… the Twisted Mist Lime Margarita is good, very good.

It has a pronounced lime flavour and not sweet at all. I tried it on it’s own and blended with mineral water over ice, both equally tasty. This is one beverage everyone should have in their cellar for summer.


Margarita Bob, Manager (Wine Sense- Springfield)

note: Twisted Mist kits are on sale until May21st!

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Thrills and Spills at Springfield

May 9, 2011

Young 'Ruth' and her mom!

Our 20th Anniversary Spin to Win last month was a very exciting day. The day was very busy with the excitement of the wheel spinning and lot’s of happy customers. At the Springfield store the day was also filled with thrills and spills. 

One of the many thrills was when a young girl and her mother came back Saturday morning after shopping on Friday- to try her luck on the wheel. The young girl proclaimed that she wanted to win the ‘whipper’ (our very popular Wine Whip) for her mother. The young girl lined up like the Mighty Ruth, called her shot and took a mighty spin and nailed it… One ‘Whipper’ was won! 

The spill ocurred after I had left for the day. Mike had a customer spin the wheel and unfortunately the wheel flew off it’s base and toppled 2 shelving units- sending everything flying. Fortunately no one was hurt – Mike was a little rattled at the time but he says in retrospect it was quite exciting. A bit like something you would see in a cartoon 🙂 I’m sorry I missed it!


Bob, Manager (Wine Sense- Springfield)

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