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May 2021


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Blackberry vs. Chocolate Raspberry

September 2, 2011

Last Saturday I assembled my neighbours, I mean focus group,  together to find out which Port is more popular- the Selection Speciale Blackberry or Selection Speciale Chocolate Raspberry. My hat goes off to my focus group as they did not jump to any conclusions… they tasted, compared, tasted again, and compared some more. They understood the vital importance of the task I had charged them with.

Like this- but in a glass!

After testing of several bottles the votes were tallied.

And the winner was….


I know it sounds like a bit of a cop-out but my tasters enjoyed both styles. Sure, some liked the Chocolate Raspberry more than the Blackberry and vice versa- but that was it. Varying degrees of enjoyment. Nobody said they didn’t enjoy either and I’m not surprised as they both won Gold Medals at the 2011 Winemaker Magazine International Amateur Wine Competition!

By the way- ALL my volunteers are excited to evaluate the Chocolate Hazelnut and Chocolate strawberry ports that I will be making this year. It will be a very busy tasting session next year with four deliscous Ports!


Bruce, Manager (Wine Sense- Pembina Hwy)

P.S. They Specialty Port kits start arriving the week of September 5th. Most are spoken for but you can still reserve if you’re quick. Otherwise stop by your favourite Wine Sense location and pick one up before they’re gone.

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Gamay Nouveau- Drink it Young!

September 1, 2011

Plenty has been written about the Selection International French Gamay Nouveau, and obviously the best thing about Gamay Nouveau is that it’s drinkable immediately. Like most people I have trouble keeping up with my winemaking and as a result I don’t always age my wines as long as I should.

Last year’s Gamay Nouveau gave me the opportunity to drink a great wine but also it kept my hands off the wines that I prefer to age. I’m really looking forward to this year’s Gamay- bright purple/pink colour and bursting with an amazing array of fruit aromas- extremely drinkable!

So if you want to give some of your favourite wines a little more time to age- make a French Gamay Nouveau and enjoy it immediately, while your other wines sit.

And don’t forget the great parties!


à votre santé,

Bob, Manager (Wine Sense- Springfield Rd)

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Happy Neighbours!

August 26, 2011

One of the most popular wines at my neighbourhood barbecues is the 2009 Limited Edition Australian Petit Verdot. Everyone likes it because of its balance of blackberry and black current fruitiness and spice. It’s smooth tannins match perfectly with a good ribeye or t-bone steak. Because of its popularity and my dwindling supply- I’ve been hesitant to bring out too many bottles lately.

Of course one of the reasons Limited Edition wines are so popular is that they are… Limited. Unfortunately that’s the one drawback- you can really enjoy a Limited Edition wine and may never see it again (better buy two!). Once in a while though Winexpert is able to secure a long term source of raw materials for a previous Limited Edition wine.

And they’ve done it again! Winexpert is releasing an Australian Petit Verdot in its new Selection International crushed grapeskin line (experience enhance body, fuller mouth-feel, softer tannins and richer colour). At the end of August I will be able to replenish my cellar with Australian Petit Verdot.

My neighbours will be so happy.



Bruce, Manager (Wine Sense- Pembina Hwy)


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Real Men Drink Pink!

August 23, 2011

The other night I strolled out onto my back porch with a large glass of Selection Internaitonal Spanish Rose and noticed my neighbour staring at me. He had that “real men don’t drink pink wine” look on his face. He asked me what it was and I explained that it was one of my all-time favourite wines. I told him that it’s great to drink on its own but pairs up well with a lot of food. I was barbequing chicken that night and Spanish Rose goes great with any grilled meat with barbeque sauce.

I was feeling generous and had another bottle in the fridge so I gave it to my inquisitive and skeptic neighbour. To no surprise  he and his wife were raving ab0ut the wine later that night.

If you’re a skeptic or too ‘manly’ and haven’t yet tried the Selection International Spanish Rose- you should.  Real men do drink pink wine!


Bob, Manager (Wine Sense- Springfield Rd)

P.S. Spanish Rose is a seasonal wine and there’s only a few left!

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