Cleaning Equipment

Cleaning is very important for the wine and beer maker and having the right tools makes doing it more effective and easier.


Automatic Bottle Washer

Simply bring in your bottles and 30 bottles are cleaned and sanitized in 3-8 minutes. It does not get any easier than that! Available at ALL Wine Sense locations.


The Bottle Bin

The Bottle Bin is the better alternative to cardboard boxes. It holds 15 wine bottles, is very easy to carry and makes moving and transporting bottles a breeze. Whether moving bottles around your house or taking them to Wine Sense to use the Automatic Bottle Washer- the Bottle Bin makes it easier.


The Carboy Cleaner

The best piece of equipment home winemakers have seen in the last few years! The fastest, easiest and most effective way to clean your carboys. Fits into standard household drill. Like a car wash in your carboy!


The Bottle Washer

This handy tool attaches to your faucet and blasts a spray of water into your bottle. Great for really dirty bottles or quick rinsing.


Thread Adaptor

Allows you to attach the Bottle Washer to most kitchen faucets.


Bottle Tree

This handy 'drying rack' keeps your bottles organized while cleaning and bottling. Holds 36 bottles.


Avvinatore (Bottle Sulphiter)

Also known as a sulphiter- this handy dish pumps sulphite solution into your bottles. A very quick way to sanitize clean bottles.


Carboy Brush

This bent brush is perfect for cleaning the shoulders of a carboy. psst... The Carboy Cleaner works better ; )


Wine Bottle Brush

Perfect for getting rid of stubborn matter. Comfortable white handle.



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