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Simply Mix and Enjoy!

Wine Sense is pleased to offer the Still Spirits/Top Shelf line of Liqueur making extracts and supplies. Straight from New Zealand these products are the BEST when it comes to making your own liqueurs. What a fun way to save money!


  • Add one Bottle of your favourite Icon Liqueurs flavouring to vodka/neutral alcohol and follow the instructions on the back of the bottle for the perfect mix. One Icon Bottle will make 1 litre of your favourite liqueur.
  • Enjoy, store for later, or give away as a gift!


Icon Shamrock Cream

Irish Cream is one of the most popular liqueurs in the world- no occasion is complete until this irresistible blend of Irish Whiskey, cream with rich vanilla is served on its own or in your favourite coffee. Includes Cream Base.


Icon Cafelua

A bold, Mexican style coffee liqueur flavouring with subtle rum notes and hints of vanilla.


Icon Coconut Rum

A Caribbean style liqueur flavouring with the fresh, tropical taste of coconut and subtle hints of rum.


Icon Black Sambuca

A vibrant, purple-coloured liqueur flavouring combining spicy aniseed with a sweet, bitter liquorice taste.


Icon Butterscotch Schnapps

A mouth-watering, sweet and buttery liqueur flavouring with indulgent fudge and vanilla tones.


Top Shelf Liqueur and Spirit Essences

Choose from a selection of Liqueur and Spirit extracts. Simply mix with vodka or similar- a great way to save money.


Turbo Yeast

This special yeast will ferment to about 20%. A great way to make a base for your favourite liqueurs.



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